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1973 Kawasaki Z1

The famous Z1,  Code name ” New York Steak” when it was being designed.  King of the motorcycles in the 70s, The Super Four, the “Jaffa” as I recently found out it was known as in Australia.  This is a nice one that runs as good as it looks.   Super low mileage.  Just a real gem of a bike.  The original wheels are a good sign of how well the bike was cared for during the past 50 years.   I’m not real crazy about selling this one.  Top condition like this would go as high as 30 K.  With the recent sell of one this nice at the 2023 Las Vegas auction, which I attended, selling for 55k with fees has me not wanting to part with it for under 45 K.

Original price was: $55,000.00.Current price is: $48,000.00.

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